The Farmers

Amy & hoophouseAmy Newday grew up on a small southwestern Michigan dairy farm. Her fascination with the natural world led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biology, emphasizing ecology, plant pathology and integrated pest management. Her passions include compost, poetry, and her favorite farm tool, the broadfork.



John & lettuceJohn Edgerton lives and farms near Martin, MI. His forty years of growing experience includes market gardens, preservation gardens, and community gardens. He’s passionate about preserving the diversity and deliciousness of our vegetable heritage and saving seeds from heirloom varieties that grow particularly well in Southwest Michigan.


Diane & BudCo-founder and Harvest of Joy Farmer Emeritus:  Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Diane Glenn cultivates her love for nature and growing healthy foods by experimenting with organic growing methods and time-saving techniques for feeding family and friends. Nutrition and exercise have always been important to her and she expresses that passion through gardening and by teaching Yoga.


BudBud is responsible for farm hospitality. He doesn’t quite understand why the farmers get so excited over plants and produce, but he loves to visit with CSA members when they come to pick up their shares at the farm. In his spare time, he enjoys chasing rabbits and napping.





30Operating mostly behind the scenes, Roxie handles farm rodent control. When she’s not hunting mice, she enjoys quiet people who know how to give a good ear-scratch.




duckers2The Ducker-Doodles patrol the garden for slugs, contribute their poop to the compost pile, and provide comic relief. They are partial to curly kale and find nothing in the world more wonderful than a pool of fresh water.



wormsRedworms do some of the most important work of the farm, transforming our vegetable scraps into nutritious vermicompost that enhances the soil and nourishes the next crop of vegetables!

3 Responses to The Farmers

  1. Anne Bird says:

    Amy and John,
    I enjoyed your presentations today at the Organic Intensives. I needed the review of many principals and was glad to learn a number of new ideas and thoughts.
    When John was presenting about community and school cooperating, I missed my opportunity to mention that Rudolf Steiner of bio dynamics fame was also an originator of the Waldorf School. This is a school,still around today, that practices what you and many of us would like to see in all elementary schools today –that is activities that bring children close to the earth and everyday living. They let k-3rd grade children play, create, invent, cook , sew, garden, create art, enjoy& play music, dance, etc. Academics are included as they get older. We were introduced to this way of teaching several years ago and have watched two grandchildren blossom in this school environment.
    Thank you again for your great presentation.

  2. chuck rodabaugh says:

    Hi John, nice meeting you today at John and Beth’s. I will to come up and visit you sometime with John and beth.

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