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CSA Newsletter: Week 18, 2013

Dear CSA members, What wonderful weather we’ve had this past week! In between weeding, watering, and harvesting this year’s fall crops, we’ve taken advantage of the sunshine and warmth to work on our preparations for next year. We’ve tilled in … Continue reading

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CSA Newsletter: Week 14, 2013

Dear CSA members, September already! We’re two-thirds of the way through harvest season with our fingers crossed for a couple more months of good produce to come. Over the next month, the contents of your boxes will likely change again, … Continue reading

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CSA Newsletter: Week 13, 2013

Dear CSA members, It’s Monday morning and the weather is just peachy-keen. We’ve got a light cloud-cover, a soft warm breeze, and sunlight slipping through the cloud-cracks. I did not feel one smidge of envy for the commuter traffic heading … Continue reading

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CSA Newsletter: Week 7, 2013

Dear CSA members, Welcome to Week 7! We’re a third of the way through the season and the produce you’re receiving will be changing during the next couple of weeks as leafy greens wither in the heat and plants such … Continue reading

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Full O’ Beans (The Harvest This Week)

What was your least favorite vegetable as a kid? Did you have one you really, really hated? Mine was beans. Lima beans, kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, snap beans—I hated them all. That my parents made me help plant, … Continue reading

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