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Guest Bloggers: “Cultivating Community” Cultivates Seeds

Each spring, as the ground softens under warming sunlight, I feel a corresponding stirring within myself; a steadying, a preparing. The winter season of dreaming and planning draws to an end and we ready ourselves for action. How will our … Continue reading

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Let the 2012 Harvest Begin

I surveyed the harvest table with relief. Pink and red radishes, rinsed of the dirt they’d been pulled from minutes before, rested next to white-bulbed Hakurei turnips, their leafy tops still dewy-wet. Tubs of mixed salad greens, spinach, and red … Continue reading

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Wonderful Seeds

Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.                                            -Henry D. Thoreau January is … Continue reading

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Easter Peas

“Plant your peas on Good Friday,” my grandmother used to say, advice that never entirely made sense to me given the month-wide variation in the date of this holiday and its unrelatedness to any given year’s weather. Still, I remember … Continue reading

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