A Poem for Planting Season


Little flame of my life,
we have traveled through winter

with our hearts intact. Now we soften
with the soil to the spring rains. Little secret

given away by the ground, I will tell you
my secret:  I want my people to live.

Look, I have made a house for you
in the earth. Let’s live as sisters

again this summer. Your children
will be my children, and my children,

the songs we sing in our fullness,
remembering you.

--Amy Newday

About Harvest of Joy Farm LLC

At Harvest of Joy Farm LLC we seek to develop, practice, and share farming systems that mirror the resilience, diversity, and self-sufficiency of a healthy biotic community.
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One Response to A Poem for Planting Season

  1. Kathleen McGookey says:

    Amy, this is beautiful! I love the revisions.

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