Introducing Our Logo

Farmers have to make tough decisions. Since early January, I have been wrestling this year’s planting plan into shape, mapping out our fields, deciding which crops to plant, which varieties of each, and how much. Should we plant in beds or rows? How do we stagger our planting for a consistent harvest of a variety of crops each week? What sort of soil amendments will each field require in order to adequately feed those little seedlings? What will we use to control weeds, and the pests that we know will arrive, as hungry as we are for those sweet and succulent vegetables?

To my surprise, one of our most difficult decisions so far has been choosing a logo. Wayland artist Gail Hollinger provided us with several wonderful designs and we’ve had a tough time choosing between them! But the joyful energy of her dancing corn has won us over. It represents the delight we feel when we’re tending our crops, the delight we hope to share through our farm and its produce.


About Harvest of Joy Farm LLC

At Harvest of Joy Farm LLC we seek to develop, practice, and share farming systems that mirror the resilience, diversity, and self-sufficiency of a healthy biotic community.
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