Harvest of Joy Farm LLC

We are a sustainable vegetable farm located in Shelbyville, Michigan. Our sales are primarily direct to the public, both through our CSA and through local markets. Our relationships with our customers are very important to us. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and to learn about our farm.

We are committed to using organic and sustainable growing practices. We feel great satisfaction knowing that our business enriches the health of the ecosystem in which we live and the community which we serve. Because of this, we are committed to the following:


Delicious, Healthful, Freshly Harvested Produce:  There is nothing like the taste of home-grown, freshly picked fruits and vegetables. We harvest our crops at the peak of ripeness and as close to market or pick-up time as possible so that you can enjoy that just-picked taste.

Healthy Soil:  Healthy plants require healthy soil. We feed our soil with compost, cover crops, mulch and organic fertilizers, and use soil conservation techniques such as crop rotation to keep our soil healthy.

Carefully Selected Seeds:  We source untreated, organically grown seeds when available, selecting our varieties primarily for taste, but also for their disease resistant qualities.

Organically Grown Plants:  We grow our plants from seed to ensure they have the best start. We rely on physical and biological methods to control pest populations and use organically approved chemicals only when necessary.

Ecological Health:  We are caretakers of the land that we farm. As such, we employ conservation practices which promote healthy soil, air, and water, and which encourage biological diversity.

Energetic Sustainability:  True sustainability requires that we think both locally and globally. We practice energy conservation and strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Ongoing Learning:  The natural world is complex and ever-changing. We continue to learn and experiment with new methods to improve our sustainability, efficiency, and the quality of our produce. We offer opportunities for customers to learn about our organic farming methods through our blog and on-farm field days

Economic Sustainability:  For our farm to survive, it must be economically as well as ecologically sustainable. Our farming methods require skilled labor, complex planning, and in depth biological knowledge. Thank you for supporting our farm’s future by purchasing our produce!

Exceptional Customer Service:  By making in-season, locally grown produce a part of your lifestyle, you are making a commitment to your physical health, your local economy, and your earth. We want to support you in this choice. Please write to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about our farm. We would love to hear from you! Our email address is: thefarmers@harvestofjoyfarm.com.

2 Responses to Harvest of Joy Farm LLC

  1. “harvestofjoyfarm | Spreading Health & Joy
    Through Sustainably Grown Food” ended up being a good article.
    If solely there were way more personal blogs like this one on the actual cyberspace.
    At any rate, thanks a lot for ur precious time, Kara

  2. Marky says:

    Thank you, Amy, for the notice about the crops this year. And I thank John for giving you my info. I will be buying a share of the farm produce this year. I’ll keep in touch via e-mail. Marky

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